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We firmly believe that if a car is deemed an icon, it shouldn’t be anything less than exceptional. Our ICONs retain this philosophy. We’ve engineered the ICON range to meet this impeccable standard, elevating them to their rightful status.

An ICON is made for the soul driver who drives for the thrill of it. Not for those who believe it’s a means of getting from A to B.

We understand that when you drive, you want to feel that fizz… that excitement that sets your pulse racing. You want a car that has the ability to surprise you, but at the same time react effortlessly to your instruction. If a car can do all this, you’ve got yourself an ICON.

Drive. Don’t Be Driven.

Creating An ICON

To create your ICON, we take your new car into our performance workshop.
There, our passionate experts enhance the style and performance to turn an iconic car into a true ICON.

Your New Car Is Delivered To Our Specialised Performance Workshop

Our Experts Rebuild, Reawaken and Enhance Personality & Performance

A Drive
Like No Other

Performance Enhancement
Creating a true ICON isn’t all about enhancing the speed. We also modify your car to bring out the true driving experience, from handling to that “edge-of-the-seat” excitement you should feel when driving an iconic car. Our enhancements include ECU recalibrations, carbon fibre replacements, lowering suspension and more. Whatever it takes to create a ICONic driving experience.

Exterior & Interior Styling
Part of the ICON experience is owning a car that turns heads. That’s why we take the time to add unique style enhancements that make you stand out from the crowd. From accent colours and Mulgari livery to carbon fibre bucket seats and detailed stitching, you ICON looks the part inside and out.

Quality Assurance
With an ICON, you can trust that you’re getting a car that’s been created with passion. Every ICON is hand finished to ensure individuality and the highest possible quality. If we’re not happy with the results, your ICON doesn’t leave the workshop. We understand the importance of owning a car you can be proud of, which is why we set our standards so high.

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