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The logic behind buying a Mini ICON02

We love the ICON02, the naughty little hatch brings back so many memories of hatches of yesteryear, the early days of driving small fun nimble little cars because that’s all you could afford. The vibrant colours, the cheeky nature and the full on fun factor that driving a Mini brings you with a dose of power and a more bespoke style. These are somewhat obvious but what about the unsaid advantages of an ICON02? We like to think we’ve covered this off too!

Finance, when purchasing a car on finance it is technically not yours to change or tweak, it is owned by the finance house until the balance is paid. Finance also allows you to buy the vehicle without having to stump up the cash for your new £30,000 motor, but what about the special bits? What about the individual personalisation that you may want to make to your car?

The first restriction, the car is on finance so in the agreement changes away from original can’t be made. Secondly, you will have to pay for the work on top of the finance! ICON02 comes with an approved finance package that allows you to have all of the benefits included in our finance package! This doesn’t break any contracts or cause any issues, get the Mini you want, in your colour, bespoke to your way under one finance agreement, on sensible monthly payment! Monthly payments from £350 PCM.  

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For more information on how buying an ICON02 can benefit you then please feel to contact one of the team for details.

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