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Taking Inspiration From The Old “War Birds”

The ICON02 project was about having fun, creating a product that people enjoy as much as we do putting it together. What better way to launch and promote than with an art car?

Teaming up with Joyce Design we created a design based around the old days of bomber art. Sharks teeth, rivets, rust and of course a bomber girl all had to feature, a challenge as a Mini doesn’t give much space to work with. The team at Joyce set about designing the wrap, encompassing all of our requirements and creating some stunning features, adding a patina effect to make the car look as retro as possible. Launched at Mini’s take over Goodwood, at the famous circuit the car certainly became a talking point of the day, cemented by the feature in one of shmee150’s latest videos.

The design also introduces our ICON Squadron, our new owners club that gives ICON owners access to upgrades and updates, keeping their ICON’s current and up to date should they wish. More information on the squadron will follow as more cars hit the streets.

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