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Introducing ICON03

Since the announcement and reveal of the BMW based Mulgari ICON03, the life of a ICON test car isn’t easy; we push the cars to the limits to demonstrate the durability and reliablity. Our cars are built to perform in all aspects, reliability, performance and usability are all tests we complete before the product is on the market.

Living up to its exceptional standards, ICON03 took its authentic, uncompromising driving pleasure to the roads and track. After a 1000-mile round trip, she’s ready for more.

ICON03’s unique character shone through whilst making its premiere at Performance Germany Day at Castle Combe. It was the first year for Performance German Day, seeing hundreds of bespoke German machines, thousands of spectators and a full day of scorching sun. It was a truly fantastic day, especially as ICON03 was chosen to join the lunchtime showcase as 1 of the 10 most exciting cars exhibited at the show.

On the Sunday, she then attended a petrol-fuelled breakfast at Stonor park; one of their many cars and coffee mornings.

Last on the itinerary was the official ICON03 Media Drive day at the glorious Goodwood Motor Circuit. It was a busy day for both the Mulgari team and ICON03. Not only did our media team capture plenty of dynamic footage, but our development driver provided several influencers and guests with a road drive experience and exhilarating hot laps around the circuit. The car proved to be one of the fastest on circuit and public response has been amazing. As always, Goodwood were a pleasure to work with and we can’t thank the track team enough for their support throughout the day.

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