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Limited to 25 bespoke examples

Purist driving requires an absolute, authentic experience – a moment of clarity. A place where soul and machine come together. There are no doubts, no compromises – only the moment. #THETHIRD

Limited to 25 production units the ICON03 is a car full of purist driving dynamics, a homage to the great Bavarian driving machines, past and present. The result is an authentic, uncompromising driving pleasure with purist character – an ICON. Raw yet refined steering, responsive performance and analog feel through the controls – all traits that ensure the driver is left with no doubts, building trust in the car. Mulgari’s ethos aims to create a distinctly raw driving experience, to deliver the driver to a state of euphoria – a oneness with the machine.

Elements of past and current BMW M offerings all feature in the design. The dimpled carbon roof in homage to the E46 M3 CSL. Extended wings in homage to the E30 M3, squarer more aggressive with motorsport cutoffs. The front wings cut outs feature mounting winglets, a structural requirement while adding a traditional 3.0 CSL feature. The ICON03 is our homage.

Performance comes in the form of the three litre BMW B58 turbocharged engine delivering over 400 ft-lb of torque. Outright performance of the engine hasn’t been a focus we believe that under 500 bhp is where a true drivers car lies. True driving requires a bond between driver and machine, power in the right place builds this trust and encourages a more eager and engaging driving experience.

Chassis and suspension development allows for compliant road holding characteristics, comfort, matched to a sharp, responsive on track ability, an important factor found in some of the driving greats.

The interiors have been crafted to deliver support and functionality, supportive Recaro seats have been added to aid the driver making the most of the ICON03 cornering performance. Our sports flat bottom steering wheel and extended carbon shift paddles complete the driver’s connection to the car. Flashes of accent colour feature on the dash trims and interior stitch